Frequently Asked Questions

A. Every student who comes to Bury Tuition Centre is fully assessed educationally and this can take from 30 minutes to an hour depending on the age and level of the student. This assessment is FREE and without obligation. Our findings will be discussed in full with parents and a lesson plan outlined. If both parent and child are happy, we will allocate you a tuition time slot and prepare an individual programme of learning, specifically designed for each individual student based on their needs.

A. Knowing the benefits of individualised learning programs and also creating independent learners, our setting allows for both to happen seamlessly. The small group environment encourages a positive attitude towards learning and raises self-esteem of those who lack confidence. Having one-to-one learning plans for each student caters for all requirements and ultimately gives them the confidence to realise their potential towards a brighter future.

A. After your child’s free assessment, they will be placed with a qualified and experienced teacher. We do not employ “instructors” or graduates and although a portion of our lessons are computer and written based sheets, these are used to compliment tuition and not replace it altogether. They will have the same teacher for their weekly sessions in order to ensure continuity and progression.

A. We teach English, Maths and SAT’s at KS1 and KS2. We are specialists in 11+ exams for independent grammar schools (covering Bury, Bolton and Manchester schools) We cover all major GCSE exam boards in Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, Spanish and German. We teach A-level Chemistry, Maths, Biology and English.

A. Our specialised programs and qualified teachers means that we are well equipped to help guide and scaffold the learning of children from a variety of special needs backgrounds, such as :- dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and autism.

A. Each student attends normally for one session per week for one hour and 20 minutes. In the 80 min session, the student will work through through a variety of different 20 min activities which have been planned by the teacher based upon the requirements detailed in the assessment process. In the session homework will also be marked and any misunderstandings cleared. As the sessions progress and students understanding of basic principles strengthens, they will be further stretched and challenged to learn new topics. Preparation for any on-going tests and papers are all covered in the session.

A. At Bury Tuition Centre, only qualified teachers with experience of teaching in local schools tutor our students. We do not employ “instructors” or graduates and although a portion of our lessons are computer and written based sheets, these are used to compliment tuition and not replace it altogether.
When we assess a student, as experienced teachers, we are able to identify a child’s current working level and highlight specific areas of weakness or gaps in learning that may have formed. Compare learning to building a brick wall, if the foundations are not built correctly, gaps can appear making the structure unsteady. You can keep adding bricks but at some point the wall will become so unsteady you cannot add to it.
This is similar to a child’s learning. If the foundations in a subject, particularly Maths and English, are not fully grasped or understood by a child, when they move onto a higher level those gaps can deepen and the child can become lost or start to fall behind at school.

A. We teach students from 6 up to 18 years old. Our qualified and experienced staff have up to date knowledge of current curriculum changes. We are also fortunate to have teachers who are GCSE and A-level examiners, this gives us a greater insight into how exam papers are marked and greatly assists students with exam technique preparation.

A. £27 per session (1hour 20 mins). We can offer Maths and English Tuition in the same session from KEY STAGE 1 up to YEAR 8 (KS3). Once a child enters YEAR 9, the session price is £27 per subject. This price includes a lesson planned for your child every week by a subject specialist teacher, homework (which we mark), all necessary resources and regular detailed feedback from the teacher who has taught your child.
£32 per session - for A-level (subsequent A-level subjects are offered at £27 per session).

Sibling Discount.
If 2 sessions are booked per week, the price is £49
If 3 sessions are booked per week, the price is £66

Block Booking.
If 10 sessions are booked, you receive the 11th session free.

Refer a Friend.
We love rewarding our loyal customers. If you refer a friend to Bury Tuition Centre, you will receive a free session , ask reception for more details.

We are OFSTED registered (EY459598)
Childcare vouchers are accepted as we are registered with all the major providers such as Edenred, Kiddivouchers, Fidelity and more.
Parents who claim Working Tax Credit can receive help of up to 70% towards the cost of tuition.

A. Our planning is linked directly in line with the topics and interim testing carried out throughout the academic year.

A. We ask for a notice period of 2 weeks.

A. All work carried out by the teachers is based at the centre. We do not offer home tuition as we believe the environment offered at the centre is conducive to learning and further meets the needs of the individual learner.

A. Our opening hours are:-

Weekdays - Monday to Friday
Session 1 - 4pm to 5.20pm
Session 2 - 5.30pm to 6.50pm

Saturday -
Session 1 - 9.30am to 10.50am
Session 2 - 11.00am to 12.20pm
Session 3 - 12.30pm to 1.50pm
Session 4 - 2.00pm to 3.20pm

Sunday - We are closed

A. A little homework is given every week and this is based on what has been learned and the current working level the student is at. Most of the homework should be within the level expected of the student but there could be a few trickier questions at the end. It is extremely important that students complete their homework themselves without parental help as we need to be able to identify that students fully grasp the concepts and are ready to move onto the next level.

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A. Please Click the Following Link to Download a PDF Version of the Bury Tuition Centre Parent Pack - Parent Pack